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Style a gold, looped lariat with a grey tee, leather jacket and wide-brimmed hat.
Drip Deluxe
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There's something so sweet and feminine about this dainty drip necklace. Long chain necklace featuring two delicate cut-outs. Polished finish.

Necklace Details
  • Approx. Chain Length: 11.5"
  • Approx. Charm Details: 1.5"
  • Imported
97% of members who purchased this style recommend it.

Recommends this style By: Renee | Nashua, NH
wish the end of the chains were a little heavier or something so it didn't slide so much...but i still like it a lot.
Recommends this style By: Caren | Altamonte Springs, FL
Just gorgeous. It goes with everything, it's simple and delicate and just lovely
Recommends this style By: Robin / John | Fort Worth, TX
very stylish
Recommends this style By: Dru | Murray, UT
I have gotten many complements on this necklace and I like it myself. Something that I still have not decided if I like or not is that there is a CLASP in the back. The good thing about it is that when the necklace shifts a bit the clasp allows me an easy check to be able to tell if it is in place still and be able to adjust it without having to get to a mirror and fret with it until I feel like it "looks right." The bad thing is that it doesn't allow the necklace to be worn any other way. When I ordered this necklace I thought that it would be a necklace that I could perhaps have the smaller loop be the one dripping down or put it at varying lengths or whatever. But the clasp makes it so you can only wear this necklace one way. Just something to note so you can be prepared for it. Also by nature of the style of the necklace it has a tendency to slip and slide a bit so you have to remember to check to make sure it's still in place occasionally. I'm thinking about finding a little gold chain link, like at a store that has jewelry making supplies, and finding a way of sort of essentially "tacking down" the smaller loop where the chain goes through it so that it can not slide. Since there is a clasp in the back, that would be feasible as I could still get the necklace on and off. But again I love the style and it makes for a very elegant piece of jewelry.
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Drip Deluxe

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