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Recommends this style By: Beth | Auburn, AL
Bought it for a work event. Love it! But I put on some weight between purchase and wear that I wasn't expecting. It fit a little small when I got it, but now I need a bigger size.
Recommends this style By: Emily | Brighton, MI
This is a perfect "little black dress."
Recommends this style By: Gretchen | Union City, CA
Absolutely love this dress. It's the perfect combination of sexy and appropriate for the office. The middle part droops a little bit, but all I have to do is put everything together with a safety pin and it's all good. The zipper is a bit difficult to pull up, especially around the rib area, but the waist fits nicely. I always get compliments when I wear this dress :)
Recommends this style By: Ashley | El Dorado Hills, CA
I ordered a small because I'm definitely on the smaller side but I received a medium. I was a little disappointed but rather it turned out to be in my favor because the medium fit me just right! If I had actually received a small it would've been too small (enough to point where I know I wouldn't be able to zip it up!) So, I got pretty lucky! The dress is GORGEOUS on. It's one of my absolute favorites. I'd recommend to order a size up!!
Recommends this style By: Shay | Miami, FL
This dress is just gorgeous to look at and even more stunning when I put it on! For a girl of my figure, it does fit a bit tight by the waist band, but then again, I honestly gained a bit during the past semester. It's a lovely dress none less!! Love it!!