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Recommends this style By: Heather | Aylett, VA
BUY IT QUICK, it says limited quantities! This bag is a gorgeous soft chocolate brown that feels like real leather. The inside feel like suede, with a wonderful clutch purse that easily fits inside, for much more separated room, pockets and zipper. There is also a huge front pocket with zippers on each side, super roomy and easy to find anything. I am so delighted with my decision to buy this purse. You would be missing out if you don't get one NOW!
Recommends this style By: Jennifer | East Boston, MA
Was surprised by the metal finish, but still keeping the bag, perfect size for full time working mom!!
Recommends this style By: Kit | South Pasadena, CA
Its a nice spacious bag, accommodates all the stuff I need to keep on had without looking over stuffed. There are no inner pockets, but the little "insert" bag makes up for that. Its a little bit odd that the little bag was included instead of just lining the large bag and including pockets . . . the little bag is about 11"x12" and is large enough to function independently from the big bag. A small drawback is that it does take up quite a lot of room in the big bag. I guess I'm still getting used to it. The only real complaint I have is that the bag smells really terrible. Obviously its not real leather, but it smells like awful chemicals. I've been using the bag daily since I received it, almost a week now and the smell is fading, but is still quite pronounced.
Recommends this style By: Judy | Goshen, NY
This is a huge bag. The color is a nice deep teal, but just remember that is a big cavernous feeling design. There is a smaller bag tucked inside, where you can carry extra stuff, but this bag holds just about anything you want to carry. The side pocket is also very helpful. I used it as a travel bag and it worked well for me. Big.
Recommends this style By: Elizabeth | Missouri City, TX
I love this purse. I might get another one in a different color.