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Does not recommend this style By: Nicole | National City, CA
This was quite immense, which is perfect if you're a hoarder or are using it for school. It can fit a sizable amount of stuff in there. I really like the houndstooth lining inside as well. The leather was beautifully colored as well. The two tones served it justice. It has useless details in it though. The belt buckle on top is completely unnecessary, since it has a zipper anyways. Plus the little tag with a mirror on it was absolutely confusing. There mirror was cheaply made and therefore served no purpose. I cut it off.
Does not recommend this style By: I.O. | Macon, GA
Not the best material and it is a very big bag.
Does not recommend this style By: Priscille | Austin, TX
This bag is great if you like kind of bigger bags. It's a little bigger than the picture leads you to believe, but the over all quality of the purse is good.
Recommends this style By: Naana | Alexandria, VA
fashionable tote
Recommends this style By: Amanda | Staten Island, NY
Love this bag, it's large enough to carry everything I use for work, but can also be empty an thinner. Great versatility!