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Recommends this style By: Karen | Jamaica, NY
Big and spacious and a nice look.
Recommends this style By: Chasma | San Leandro, CA
I bought this back for work to tote around my laptop, and other essentials but its like REALLY big. I'm small and petite so this doesn't really work for an everyday bag, which is what I purchased it for. It's really the perfect overnight bag instead. I use it for short weekend road trips or quick flights, no baggage fees! Its' pretty sturdy and large enough for at least two outfits a pair of flats and all my toiletries!
Recommends this style By: Cecilia | Woodhaven, NY
I got this for work. I carry a lot of stuff to work. Very roomy and holds a lot of stuff
Recommends this style By: Nnorris | Kansas City, KS
Very big bag..I use it more as a tote when traveling..but it is cute
Does not recommend this style By: Zenaida | Portland, OR
very big