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Does not recommend this style By: Gloria Bastidas | Elizabeth, NJ
This product is very fashion
Recommends this style By: Deann | Downey, CA
The combination of gold and ivory is very classy. I really liked this shoe but it is a little uncomfortable for any long wearing events. You might want to put a cushion in the ball part of the shoe.
Recommends this style By: Shenell | Jamaica, NY
These shoes are sooooo sexy. I didn't walk/stand in them long so I don't really really know just how comfortable they are but from the walking I did do...they were fine!
Recommends this style By: Tamika | Arlington, TX
I would recommend for style, this is a sexy shoe! But for comfort... not so much. I wore them, inside for hours and after about 2 hours, it felt like my feet went to sleep.
Recommends this style By: Khalima | Ellicott City, MD
The strap in the front of the shoe is a little tight but these shoes are beautiful.