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Does not recommend this style By: Janell | Riverview, FL
The picture looks better then the actual boot in person.
Recommends this style By: Meghan | Taylor, TX
These boots are my all-time favorite boots. I wear them as often as I can and I'm always excited for boot season. They are soft and get softer the more I wear them. They are a true black and go with everything. They are wide enough to zip over jeans, but wear close enough to go with skirts and dresses. The flat bottom isn't loud when I walk and they are comfortable enough to wear during a long day at the office, or walking around in a new city. Truly my favorite boot!
Recommends this style By: Ryanne | Denver, CO
LOVE these boots! I had some like them that I needed to replace and these are better than the original. I love the zipper up the back. SUPER comfortable!
Recommends this style By: Raquel | Los Angeles, CA
The boot is made of a soft material overall, so it's fairly comfortable around the leg and everything. The bottom of the shoe is pretty hard and stiff, though, so it's not all that comfortable to actually walk in. Overall I don't consider that a big issue, because if you just put an insert inside it fixes the problem. I've had these boots for about a year and a half now, and I'm a fan of them overall, they're just not as comfortable as some of the other amazing, super comfortable boots Just Fab has (I'm looking at you, Bryce).
Does not recommend this style By: Sandra | Radford, VA
The boot was comfortable but the zipper broke after a few wears.