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Recommends this style By: Siah | Duluth, MN
My best purchase ever. I definitely getting another one in a different color. Perfect for both work and school :)
Recommends this style By: Lauren | Syracuse, UT
It is a very cute style, but it does not hold its shape AT ALL. I was pretty disappointed about that. It slouches and then the bag does not sit right and so the zippers won't stay up. It would be perfect if it actually held its shape. The color and size are great though.
Recommends this style By: Ezzy | Darien, WI
The perfect blend of professionalism and style. Tons of pockets help keep it more organized than a regular purse, but the color keeps it from being just another boring briefcase. Be careful not to overfill or it won't zip properly, and it loses it's clean look. Otherwise it's great for fun, business, and travel.
Does not recommend this style By: Corianne | North Brunswick, NJ
There is a lot of room in the bag and the color is very nice, but the material seems very cheap and stiff (especially on the strap). But I do like the color, so I kept it.
Recommends this style By: Kimberlee | Glendale, AZ
Good purse made out of quality material.