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Recommends this style By: Suzette | New York, NY
I thought it was big but ok
Recommends this style By: Dulce | Arlington, MA
I used this bag as a school bag, I got compliments on it all the time. The quality and craftsmanship of this bag is great. No matter how muc I carry in it, my bag never gives up, the straps are very strong and resistant. I love this bag!
Recommends this style By: Caitlin | Oklahoma City, OK
IF you like snake skin, go for it. I was shopping on my phone and didn't realize that the white parts were snake skin, but I carried it for several months and it worked fine and when a friend complimented me on it and offered to buy it from me, I wasn't too attached to give it to her. It definitely is good quality and worth the purchase if you like the style!
Recommends this style By: Kathleen | Binghamton, NY
I use this purse everyday. I love it.
Recommends this style By: Kena | Northridge, CA
I LOVE this bag. It's simply, it's classic, and it's a good on the go bag. I always use this bag to throw all my shabang in it when I'm in a rush. COMPLIMENTS LEFT AND RIGHT. Get it girl!