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Recommends this style By: Amanda | Dayton, OH
I use this bag all the time, I have had it for a while now, and let me tell you it impresses everyone who sees it. Great bag to have for job interviews...hoping to keep it safe to continue to use for a long time. This bag is stylish yet business at same time.
Recommends this style By: Elizabeth | Hesperia, CA
Nice for school
Recommends this style By: Elisha | Lafayette, IN
I like the look and style of this bag but I felt that the material looked a little like plastic. I would love to see the quality of your material for bags and shoes that imitate leather improve. The latch that closes the bag was something to get used to. It was awkward at first and constantly fell open but once I got used to it that happened less and less.
Recommends this style By: Patricia | Elizabeth, NJ
Do not be fooled by the size of this bag. This bag is capable of holding both my MacBook pro and a five subject notebook. I really like this bag and wear it as much as I can. Anything in black is beautiful if you ask me .
Recommends this style By: Debbie | Daly City, CA
The bag is big enough to put a laptop and notebooks in. I thought it would have been smaller but I should have looked carefully at the measurements