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Does not recommend this style By: Khadejah | Ferris, TX
Didn't like material
Recommends this style By: Sarah | Walnut Creek, CA
I haven't worn it out yet but have tried it on and my only complaint is the fit around the waist. I wish it laid a little better at the waist, it's not big or baggy but it could be a little more snug so that it laid against my skin. Still a great buy though!
Recommends this style By: Aly | Yuma, AZ
Material is too heavy but it is a nice style
Recommends this style By: Kylie | Topeka, KS
When I put this dress on, my boyfriend's jaw dropped. He said, "You should DEFINITELY wear that tonight!" Very sexy! I thought that it felt a little loose in the chest area, and was a little too short in the butt area, but he seemed to think it looked perfect. :) I am very curvy, so I like that it stretches and is form fitting.
Recommends this style By: Katy | Shell Beach, CA
Husband loved it! It is fun to wear!