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Does not recommend this style By: Jeannie | Grand Bay, AL
Cute shoes but very uncomfortable! Once again, I wish I would've had time to return them. Never got to wear them. All I can say is they're pretty but not meant to be worn
Recommends this style By: Barbara | Cairo, NY
Even though the shoes are a little uncomfortable they are just so cute it makes them worth it!
Does not recommend this style By: Annapurna | Medford, MA
It is a very fashionable pair of heels. But it isn't the most comfortable pair in the world, primarily because the heels are super high. It might make sense to buy this pair if you're comfortable wearing 6 inch high heels. Most people I know are not. You can wear this to formal occasions where you know for certain that you're not going to walk around or even stand that much. I have bought this pair more than a year ago and yet haven't been able to wear it out once, because it isn't the most comfortable pair in the world. For that reason I haven't received much value from this purchase.
Recommends this style By: Yolonda | Saint Louis, MO
Sexy shoe
Does not recommend this style By: LaCora | Orange Park, FL
Couldn't fit the shoe but I love the style but never seen the shoe in a bigger size