Meet Kelly's Warrior Muse

“No one is stronger than a woman. Designing my collection, I took inspiration from the strength, power and confidence of women—with the Greek warrior goddesses as my foundation and Nykhor as my muse. A child of the South Sundanese civil war, Nykhor embodies the literal translation of her name—a warrior.”

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Meet Kelly's Creative Muse

"Women are the ultimate creators. I took tremendous inspiration from this unique trait—with the Greek goddesses of creativity as my foundation and Diana as my muse. An outspoken advocate for body love, Diana’s creativity spills into the journals she fills with affirmations and poetry.”

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Meet Kelly’s Grace Muse

“Women are the embodiments of elegance, beauty and poise. The way we move through the world... the way we live our lives. I took inspiration from this, with Pritika as my muse. A striking woman inside and out, Pritika balances modeling with being a dedicated student and non-profit ambassador, doing it all with grace.”

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